Amazon Muslim workers protest that they they don't have enough time to pray

Muslim amazon workers have said that they usually don’t get enough times so that they can pray on regular shifts. The workers in Minneapolis have gone through a protest so that they could fight for their rights and they say that they being practicing muslims need to pray five times a day but because of the strict time schedules of the warehouse, the workers aren’t able to offer their prayers on time.

The workers at the amazon warehouse are supposed to pack almost 240-400 boxes per hour on every 15 seconds and according to their statements, if they somehow fail to meet their target of packing the boxes, they would directly be fired. The workers at amazon warehouse are granted with 2 breaks, one is of 15 minutes while the other one is 30 minutes and these breaks are given after each shift.

A lot of workers have given their statements that how it feels like to work in a warehouse for them. The muslims who are been working in Minneapolis for Amazon said that they are being in a fear that they would be fired from the distribution center after they take break to pray in their work timings. All the workers at the amazon warehouse are required to meet the packing quotas of atleast 240 boxes per hour but their performance of being good muslims is getting affected from their tough routine of jobs because being muslims they are required to pray five times a day. But amazon has refused the claims of its workers by saying that they have been given paid prayer breaks of less than 20 minutes but they would be allowed to take the unpaid breaks if they want for longer time spans.

The company had given a statement in which it said that the expectations from the employees regarding their productivity would be adjusted if the employees by themselves wanted to take some unpaid breaks. The company said that it works day and night to make sure that its employees are being treated with respect and dignity and they could the fair treatment. A group of workers from Amazon protested on Friday so that they could demand better working conditions from their executives.  They during their protest were waving the placards and they said that the employees were having their body wearing out because they had got increased stress from the raising productivity demands.




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