Apple's AirPods Face Growing List of Challengers

After the huge success of Apple’s wireless earbuds known as the AirPods, A lot of other companies are either working on or are launching their versions of the wireless device as well.

Microsoft is introducing their wireless earpieces by the end of the year which will include the virtual personal assistant and noise-cancellation technology, Microsoft’s Cortana. Amazon too is burning the midnight oil which will feature Alexa to sync with the Amazon’s smart home appliances such as a thermostat, lightings, and stereo, all by the help of voice commands. Due to the rising popularity and demand of the AirPods, Samsung with their Galaxy Buds, Jabra’s Elite 65T and Bose SoundSport Free all are contributing to the invention in their own individual way.

Keeping in mind the statistics, Neil Cybart an analyst suggests that by the end of this year, 50 million individuals would be owning their own sets of the Apple’s AirPods, making it be the 2nd most successful product by the company within two years of its release, the first one being the Apple IPad.

As the officials at Apple are enjoying the success of the device, they are also increasing the horizon of it, first by improving their battery quality and providing a charging case, yet again they are soon introducing the new Beats Powerbeats Pro earbuds.

The imitators may have the same features as those of the Apple, however, this may not bother Apple after all as it is predicted that Apple may successfully be able to sell 110 million AirPods devices by the end of the year 2021. This number is double the number that was sold this year already. The imitators may be cheaper in price but they have not yet been able to beat Apple in its quality and its good brand name.

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