Avocado pits Being Converted Biodegradable Plastic by Mexican Company

Mexican company converts avocado pits into completely biodegradable plastic

What do you think of Mexico, guacamole and tequila? This has recently been said by Scott Munguia that if he has his way to do that you might be thinking of the things which has been made from Avacodo that is the plastic been made from the seeds. 

As the disposable cutlery and the plastic straws have been fallen out of the favor for the potential to inflict the damage that has been done on the environment and a company with an alternative that tends to use the avocado pits would be getting comparatively more attention.

A company that is named as Morelia which is actually Michoacan based biofase is now manufacturing the straws and the biodegradable cutlery that is made from the avocado seeds which is using the same process that was being used before the 2012 era.

Scott mungia had been a chemical engineering student on that time and he has been quite motivated for the pollution related problems and there solution and has been locking for the most reliable sources for the biodegradable plastics. Once after the trial and error process have been done which were conducted for the testing of the raw materials properties like there is mamey sapote seeds and mango and it has been happened to reading the paper which included a picture containing the molecules that have been used to make the bioplastics. Munguia said that he already had known what actually the avocado seed molecule had been looking alike.  This idea actually was born at that time while the development process of it took about two years to get completed and now there is a team of 14 employees which has been poised to open up a plant that consist the capacity of about 700 tons in the month of November.

Mexico has the production of about a total of 300,000 pounds of avocado and this is now 50 percent of the supply of the world.  The value of the bioplastic in the global world is about $5.8 billion. The seeds of Avocado are getting piled up in Mexico like they could ever have been in any part of the world.




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