Doctors Explains About Wisdom Teeth Removal & It's After Effects  

Press Release, March 4th, 2020: Wisdom teeth are last teeth which appear in the mouth. They called them wisdom teeth because they appear at the age of 17 till 25 years. Wisdom teeth are four in number, two teeth are present at the top and two at the bottom, at the back of the mouth. Sometimes there isn’t sufficient space in your mouth, the wisdom teeth can be stuck or grow at the wrong angle. This way the wisdom teeth will damage the next teeth.

Causes of wisdom teeth removal

Wisdom teeth may cause problems when there isn’t enough space in the mouth. In some cases wisdom teeth removal becomes necessary.

Damage to other teeth

If the wisdom teeth cause damage to the other teeth by pushing them around. This might result in bite problems and svere mouth pain.

Cysts formation

Sometimes a cyst forms around your wisdom teeth when they grow. If you will remove the wisdom teeth they will save your jaw from damage for sure.


Due to overcrowding of the teeth in the mouth. Wisdom teeth which are impacted with the other teeth. This way the dentist have to straight your teeth using braces.


Problems evolved with the wisdom teeth will cause sinus pain and congestion in the mouth. This pain irritates a lot.

Consult your doctor

If you notice the changes mentioned above in your mouth. Then immediately consult your dentist he will take the x-ray and examine which measures to take whether to remove the wisdom teeth or you should wait if the things change. If he suggests you to remove the wisdom go for it because as you grow older the bones in your mouth become harder, and thus teeth extraction becomes more difficult.

According to Dr. Arif Orakzai at CardsDental, Your dentist will perform the whole process of the wisdom teeth removal in his clinic. He will give you local anaesthesia to make the area numb. So that you will feel less pain. If the wisdom teeth removal needs deep surgical approach your dentist will suggest you an oral surgeon.

What to eat after wisdom teeth removal?

Once you are done with the removal of the wisdom teeth. it’s very important to eat food which will help you reduce swelling and heal your wound.

Blended soup

It’s very easy to consume thiese soupy foods as they will not irritate the area of surgery.


It is rich in protein, very soothing for the affected area and will help the wound heal faster.

Mashed banana

It is very easy to swallow the mashed bananas. They will provide vitamins and minerals and reduce the discomfort in the mouth.

After the effect of wisdom teeth removal

As the wisdom teeth have been removed you may experience prolonged pain and swelling in the mouth. It becomes difficult to open your jaws. Sometimes bleeding doesn’t stop for 24 hours.


Before it’s too late and you face problems caused by the wisdom teeth. Get your wisdom teeth removal done. Sometimes the brush doesn’t reach the far end of your mouth and the bacteria cause infections in your mouth.

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