Dog found swimming 135 miles off the coast of Thailand

Dog found swimming 135 miles off the coast of Thailand

Bangkok- At about 135 miles off the coast of Thailand, workers od an oil rig found an unexpected little companion swimming close-by. On closely noticing they found that it was a dog. The dark-colored little creature was found paddling close near the oil rig and was cold and shivering with no sign of how he had arrived this far into the waters.

It was reported by a rig worker named Vitisak Payalaw, that his fellow staff members detected the dog swimming towards their work platform on the evening of April 12. In order to help the poor creature, they held out a shaft but due to the pounding waves, the dog was unable to grasp it and climb up.

Passionate to help the poor dog, workers than resorted to another technique. They threw a rope around the dog in the hope of rescuing it. As explained by Payalaw, the dog had sadness in its eyes which were clearly indicating an appeal for help by the workers. The swimming dog was such a heart-breaking sight that anyone present at that moment could not resist but help.

With the help of the rope, the workers successfully rescued the dog by pulling him out of those heavy waves. Once he was on the platform, the bog was bathed and provided with fresh water and electrolyte drink. The rescuing crew then named the creature Boonrod which means “survivor.”

Boonrod was an aspin, a native breed of Philippines. The dog was returned to the mainland safe and sound on Monday and handed over to a charity named Watchdog Thailand. It was then reported through a Facebook page that the dog has now been shifted to an animal clinic in Songkhla province, where it is being given shelter and being looked after. The rig worker Payalaw also showed a keen interest in adopting the swimming dog if no one comes to reclaim it.

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