First Ever Black Hole Image Released

The first ever photo of the Black Hole has been released just recently which is also the first photographic proof of its existence. It was found 55 million light-years away far from the earth, in the middle of the M87 galaxy and is said to be larger than our entire solar system.

It contains a dark region in the middle which is surrounded by bright colored ring, the point where the dark area ends (to be called ‘horizon’) is the point of no escape, even by radiation or light. It has a mass 6.5 billion times greater than the sun.

This project was carried out by the EHT collaboration which is a global telescope network which involved greater than 200 researchers who have been trying to obtain the results over a decade now. They combined eight radio telescopes across the world.

This process was however more complex than it sounds. The telescopes gathered 5,000 trillion bytes of data in two weeks and was sent to be processed in super computers, helping the scientists to finally obtain the image. The news also serves as evidence to Einstein’s theory of relativity which stated that a few in space, there are specific areas with such high gravity that nothing will be able to escape them.

To most of our surprise, the image was very similar to the calculations of previous scientists and even to what the Hollywood directors made us imagine it to be.  This news is one of the biggest achievements of scientist since the course of time. The director of the Event Horizon Telescope Collaboration stated that the unsee-able has been seen today.

The news has taken the whole world by a storm and further advancements is required to completely understand it’s properties such as to figure out where does the intense light is generated from.


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