Fisher-Price Rock N' Play sleepers recalled after infant deaths

Models of the New Sleepers Recalled Due to Infants Deaths

All models of the Fisher-Price Rock N’Play sleepers have been recalled by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). The reason being the death of more than 30 infants. The step has been taken just a few days after the organization of pediatricians called the Academy of Pediatrics asked the CPSC to review the products. They made an analysis with the help of the Consumer Reports magazine where it was linked to the death of the 32 sleep-related babies.

Dr. Kyle Yasuda, president of the AAP, said in a press release that the product is dangerous and deadly and should be checked immediately. While purchasing a product for the child or the baby, many parents think that if the store is selling these products, then it must be safe to use. Unfortunately, the case is not the same. The evidence is quite convincing that the Rock n’ Play inclined sleeper puts the babies’ lives at risk, and the CPSC must come forward and take an immediate action for its removal from the stores and stop more tragedies to happen.

The analysis of the Consumer Reports was released on 8th of April. It was some days after the warning was issued by the CPSC regarding the product. Also, parents were implored to end the use of the product after their baby is 3 months old and starts showing their ability to roll over. It was found by the analysis that many of the babies who gave up on their lives were younger than 3 months old. Some of the babies died because of asphyxia or being unable to breathe due to the position of the child.

The AAP said in a statement that it does not suggest or advise the products related to the inclined sleep such as the Rock n’ Play, or any other products for sleep that require restraining a baby.

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