James Ingram

James Ingram, the R&B who has collected the Grammy awards and a pair of billboard hot 100 that is number of the hits and it is now over decades of his long career and he has died at age 66.  This news has been shared via Tweeter by one of the friends of Ingram and the creative partner who is Debbie Allen. There are still no details regarding the mystery of his death. Allen has tweeted that he has lost his dearest friend and a creative partner too which he was to the Celestial choir.

He said that he will always be his best friend and will be loved, remembered and cherished for his honesty, humanity, love of family and genius.  He said that he is really blessed being so closer to him and he will remember him for the rest of his life.  The singer has collected two Grammys in his career where his song named one hundred ways had won the best performance of that year 1981 and he also had one song that was actually a duet with Michael McDonald on the “Yah Mo B There” and it had won the award of the best R&B performance ever had been done by a group and a due in the year 1984.  He also had been nominated for the best original back to back songs which had won Oscar in the year 1994 and 1993 for the co writing of the day I fall in love which was from the 2nd Beethoven and another too.



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