PAC aligned with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez paid boyfriend $6G for marketing work

PAC that is the political action committee has been aligned with the Rep Alexandria Ocasio Cortez had paid her boyfriend a sum of $6000 during the infancy of her ongoing campaign.  This is actually the political arm of the brand new LLC of the new congress which is the company hired by Ocasio Cortez to support and run her campaign and paid Riley Roberts for the provision of the marketing services which he had provided to the PAC. According to the current records of FEC, PAC had made total two payments to Roberts out of which one was made in 2017 August while the other one in 2017 September and both were of $3000.  

There was a statement too in which Zeynab Day the communications director of BNC said that the Roberts is specialist and a digital growth and marketing consultant who had specialized in the social media subscriber engagement as well as with the social media presence of accounts and he was hired on the basis of the experience which he had got in management of the successful advertising and the campaigns relevant to the social media strategies. 

She added that he actually was hired on a trial period of 2 months to check whether he can do it properly what he had been assigned with and that trial period began on 3rd August, 2017 taking the lead of the work to 2017 September. She said that the services to the PAC, brand new congress consisted of the strategies for advertising to have potential growth and execution of those strategies to have increased brand awareness  overall for PAC.


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