Canadian immigration

Canada wants to welcome more than 1 million new immigrants in the next three years

The minister of Canada’s immigration Ahmed Hussen had talked about this scenario and he said that he is greatly thankful for his part to all the new immigrants and it is proven by the history that they have been thankful and Canada being a vibrant and a strong country has always enjoyed its best.

 Hussen is not actually from Canada and he is basically an immigrant from Somalia who said that the influx is going to help the aging population of Canada and it would have a declining birthrate while the labor force still would grow. 

This friendly stance of Canada towards its new residents is for a lot of other western nations like there is US where they are adopting even stricter policies for the immigrants to stop them from crossing the US border.Different plans have been announced by the Canadian parliament so that they could be able to add more than one million more parliament residents in the coming three years.

This is about the nearest one percent for the population of country on the basis of per year. Canada had welcomed more than 286000 residents on the permanent basis in the year 2017 and this year this amount of people is expected to reach 350,000. It is expected that in years 2020 and 2021 this number of permanent migrants in Canada would increase to 360,000 and 370,000 simultaneously. This is really a huge amount as compared to any other country.

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