Oil Spill in 14 years US History

A 14-Year-Long Oil Spill Nobody Talks About Could Become One Of The Worst In US History

In 2010, there was an oil spill in the US, BP Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill which has now become the largest picture behind the environmental perils which was mainly linked with the offshore oil drilling. However, away from the media coverage and TV camera, there is an oil spill going on now which have the strength to become the worst oil spill in the US history. In the year 2004, around 16 km off the Louisiana coast, at the Gulf of Mexico the hemorrhaging of oil was started by the Taylor Leak. This all happened after the Hurricane Ivan caused submarine landslide there.

In about 14 years till now, with only 25 leaking wells, tens of thousands of oil gallons have been in spewing almost every day in Gulf. Well, this is still unclear that what is the exact quantity of the oil but there are estimates which suggest that this oil spill is going to become the biggest offshore disasters in the US history till now. The Washington Post reports show that the oil quantities are still not clear. In 2015, a big investigation was done by the associated press which showed that the oil leakage was really very worse.

It was worse even twenty times more than the terms of the oil quantity which had been originally reported by Taylor energy. There was a recent AP report which shows that the federal government lawyers submitted a court filing which suggested between 37,000 to 113,000 liters of oil has been leaking daily from multiple wells around drilling platform. The report which was cited by the federal lawyers had been made by a scientist who studied about the sample of oil at the site in satellite images.  Just over in 87 days, more than 134 million oil gallons have been released in the oil spill in the Mexican Gulf. It has been concluded by the NOAA scientists that due to this heavy oil contamination, thousands of sea turtles band marine mammals have been killed and their habitats are also being contaminated.

The President of SkyTruth, John Amos said that for him this oil spill is something which could be called a dirty little secret in a plain sight. Noticeably the public only knew about the oil leakage which was occurred in the year 2010 where the people were investigating about the deepwater horizon oil spill which was noticed due to an old oil spill according to the images captured by the satellite.




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