Iconic Joshua Trees in National Park

For the first time in the year 2015, more than 2 million people have visited the Joshua Tree National Park that is situated in California.

The trees there are beautiful which can leave humans in awe. This is the news which the park rangers got to learn in their first week after the partial government had shut itself down. The Joshua Tree National Park is about the size of a Delaware but there are only eight rangers for the law enforcements who are required to guard the total of 1,238 miles of the wonderland during the shutdown.

Visitors Chainsaw Iconic Joshua Trees in National Park during Gov’t Shutdown

As a result of this, the visitors are not playing there part of roles properly and they are cutting back the illegal roads and chopping the most famous occupants of the park which are the Joshua Trees and they damaging the federal property as much as they can. The superintendent of park, David Smith had talked about the situation saying that there are approximately dozens of instances which shows the extensive vehicles and traffic off the roads and in some cases they come into wilderness. They have two new roads which have been made inside the park and that is actually the destruction of the government property without even cutting for the chains and locks for the people so that they could have easy access to the campgrounds. They never have seen their level of out-of-bounds camping and the everyday area also had been occupied for every evening.


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