Man in front of 200 years old museum on fire

With more than 20 million Items & knowledge collected in 200 years is lost due to massive fire in Brazil

Till now, with no reported injuries, Brazil’s National Museum is on fire. Firefighters have been doing their efforts to eliminate the fire. Previously it was a residence of Poteguese family and completed its 200 years in 2018.

The cause is not known yet but the sources tell fire was started this sunday. However, multiple Aerial Images of Burning Museum in Brazil have been published on internet.

“Say day for all Brazilians” “200 years of work, research and knowledge were lost” said President Michel Temer.

The firefighters are getting water from nearby lank because hydrants were not functional. Moreover, multiple sources describe that the building mostly contain papers and wood, so the chances of rapid fire spread was increased.

200 year old museum caught by huge fire at Rio by Katy Watson (BBC South America)

The country as a whole suffered a lot due to this loss. The Rio de Janeiro is already in crisis due to political instability, curreption and economic decline. According to her the ignorance and crisis in Brazil affected the security and safety of this museum. That all caused a huge loss for whole contry.

What was inside the Museum?

  • 20 million items collected by archaeologists, fossils and biggest meteorite discovered.
  • Natural History
  • Researches
  • 12000 year old skeleton of  Luzia (an oldest woman found in Americas)
  • Bones of the Dinosaur

Live Coverage of File in Brazil’s National Museum By Agenda Free TV

How Brazil & World Reacted On Fire in 200 years Old Museum

The museums’s directed considered it as a cultural tragedy

Similarly according to the workplace employees, managers could not get adequate fund to arrange sufficient resources.

The building contained things that burn very fast like papers and documents, said Librarian Edson Vargas da Silva

It was established in 1818 and was named as Royal Museum. The purpose was to increase research in science.

200 year old museum caught by huge fire at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [Latest Pictures]

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