22 Weeks baby

Little boy, Cullen Potter is from Alabama and he really had a challenging start to life. Molli in her early days pregnancy faced a lot of troubles and prior to the three months of Cullen’s birth, Molli had to spend three week admitted in a Pensacola hospital. Doctors were hopeless and they told the parents that there is no way out to save the baby boy. Cullen had only 2 percent chances of survival and the doctors said that if the parents still want to keep him alive and if somehow he survives, he would have disabilities.

But still, the parents of little boy didn’t give up. Robert, Cullen’s dad visited more than 16 hospitals in 3 states to get accommodation in this case but almost all the doctors well hopeless about the birth of that premature child. Molli had two miscarriages previous year and the parents were now not ready to miss this child. They were ready to do anything they could do to save this child.

Molli was then shifted to USA women’s and children’s hospital and Cullen was delivered with a C-section in an emergency. The baby boy at the time of his birth was only of 13.9 ounce weight and now he is free from the intensive care of hospital. Cullen is now of 5 pounds and 11 ounce weight and now he is free from all the dangers. He has really proved to be a young warrior who has finished his 160 days struggle successfully and is now ready to go home.

This was the moment of celebration not only for the family but also for the hospital staff too. That precious boy was given a graduation ceremony in the hospital. He also had worn the costume of a fresh graduate, black gown and a cute little cap. There was solemn music too in the celebration. Everyone at the hospital was happy and satisfied for the baby boy and there was relief on the faces of hospital staff.

Molli also made a post on facebook about these miraculous moments of her life, she wrote how his cute little boy is now safe and perfect. She wrote that her son when born was of 22.2 weeks and he was of 13.9 oz but after the struggle of 160 days, the little boy is now safe and he got to come home. Now the boy is of 5 months and he is 5.11lbz of weight. She also mentioned that how doctors were hopeless and there were very few chances for the boy to survive.


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