Autistic 22-year-old women was tortured insanely and forced to do the house chores every day

The five victims lived in Louisiana. They are accused of caging and making a 22-year-old autistic women’s life traumatic. Previously, two year ago, they have been arrested on stage charges on the similar case. The accusations were faced by all five victims on Thursday.

What torture did the autistic women face every day?

The women was kept in a cage located outside the house of the five suspects. They lived in Tangipahoa Parish. The condition in which she was forced to live in was unacceptable. Prosecutors have informed that the victim was forced into manual labour, for example, tidying the bathroom and the kitchen. She had to go though physical and mental abuse every single day. The threats she received for not obeying them was that she’d be beaten up or even killed by them. Physical abuse included, beating her up, burning her skin with a cigarette lighter and even throwing human waste on her using a septic tank. She was given food only if she had cleaned and worked out all the other chores.

One of the accused one is also charged with shooting the autistic women with a BB gun, which is illegal to buy without a valid reason. According to one of the accusation documents, the five victims coerced to feed the autistic women her mother’s ashes while the suspects stood nearby laughing at her. She vomited after she was forced to do this. The cage she lived in was made of chicken wire and was covered with tarpaulin. She was not provided with any hygienic facility to discharge human waste. She was given a bucket to use as a toilet.

The women was not allowed to own a phone or a computer and was forced to take painkillers and methamphetamine for no good reason.

Charges faced by the five suspects

The husband and wife named, Terry Knope 2, who is 45 years-old and Raylaine Knope who is 42, are charged  with sex trafficking. As prosecutors have reported that they even tried to force her into prostitution. Moreover, they are facing labor and housing law violations. Terry Knope’s daughter , Taylor Knope who is 20 years old and Raylaine Knope’s son named Jody Lambert who is 23 years old are also included in the charges made.

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