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3 Ways To Send An Appealing Follow-Up Email

3 Ways To Send An Appealing Follow-Up Email

Follow-up emails are used by almost all companies today because it is seen as a necessity to satisfy your customers for a successful running. Being the most effective, follow-up emails are the most often used. There are numerous ways in which these emails are sent. For your customers to be satisfied, here are some ways that follow-up emails can be written in a way that appeals to those customers.

“How did you find us?” email follow-up

How Didi you Find us?

Every time your customer contacts your team they are expecting a response so it’s best to solve their problems as quickly as possible.  Once your company has dealt with their issue; you can ask them about how they found your service or simply putting forth a question like “how did you find us?”. This would be once you have sorted out their issue and expect a good response from their end. All in all, this follow-up email type helps your customers respond to how well your services were.

One way to improve would be to customize your signature yourself to fit best for your brand.  The email, for example, can be personalized as being sent from the company’s CEO or customer service head.

Follow-up survey email 

Follow-up survey email 

Another way for follow-up email can be adding a survey link in the email for a good, in detail feedback from your customers. This helps you get to the actual response as to what your customers actually about your company, service, staff, etc. here are some questions that you can include in your survey:

  • Are you happy with the services provided by our company?
  • Did you find the services helpful and knowledgeable?
  • Were you served in time?
  • Did we live up to your expectations?
  • What can we do to make this better?

The best would be to make use of a survey tool like google etc. which will collect all your responses in one place without you having to spend too much money!

Follow-up email “join us”

Getting your customers to pay isn’t an easy task and this problem is dealt with in the follow-up email. For those whom you haven’t contacted recently, the “join us” template is a great way to follow up! This is seen as a good way to check in with your customers and help them with any assistance that they may be needing. Also, providing an additional benefit of making your customers subscribe, these follow-up emails are thus a great option! 

Used by most companies, follow-up emails help transform and improve your customer services hence providing a greater opportunity for your company to flourish as a result of your customer’s satisfaction. Today, not all companies make use of follow-up emails, but this effective strategy increases your opportunity for getting a competitive advantage over other companies who are yet to avail the benefits of the technique. These different ways of writing and sending a follow-up email are appealing and specific to the needs of your customers which helps your company stand out from the crowd.

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