Student Dies 10 Hours After Eating 5-Day-Old Spaghetti

It has been highlighted on Youtube by Dr. Bernard that a student had a poor knowledge related to hygiene and this is why he ended up dying after he had eaten 5-day-old pasta. This case was actually unnamed in the reports where the 20 year old student prepared the meals on every Sunday for the whole week so that he could save his money and time. He boiled the pasta; put that into the Tupperware containers so that he could eat that during the next days of the week by adding sauce into it and reheating it. The student actually belonged to Belgium and he reheated the spaghetti which he had made five days ago and he had left that in his kitchen at the normal room temperature.  He mixed his new tomato sauce in that five days old spaghetti and ate it with joy and then headed for his sports. Within just 30 minutes of his eating pasta he had experienced nausea, intense abdominal pain and severe headache.

After he had returned to home, he had started having the episodes of vomited profusely, and water diarrhea but he hadn’t seek medical attention too and he then decided to stay back in his house, drank water and slept.  Next morning, his parents got worried as they didn’t him out for the college and when they went in her room, they found him dead and that was 11am at that time. The overall examination which was conducted of his body revealed that he had died at 4am that day and that estimated his death happened 10 hours after he had eaten the spaghetti.  His body has been autopsied whilst he had the sample of his pasta and pasta sauce which had been sent off to the national reference laboratory for the analysis.  The autopsy has revealed the situation of liver necrosis which indicated that his liver had shut down before there were the signs of acute pancreatitis. There had been fecal swabs which showed the presence of bacillus cereus which is actually a bacteria that usually gets generated because of the fried rice syndrome.




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