5 new coins by coin base

The largest exchange for the CryptoCurrency in the U.S is the Coinbase, and it is planning to add five more tokens to the exchange. It traded less number of coins before and is now planning to add five more coins with the different features and different expected demand in the market. The coins which would include in the list are basic attention token, Zcash, Cardano, Stellar Lumens and Ox. Brian Kelly, a digital trader, said that he wouldn’t get surprised if these coins get up 20 to 40 percent till the weekend. Kelly said that an investor would like to have his investment in all these coins, but the preferable coins among them are Ox and Zcash. Both these coins are rich in features, so there are more chances of them getting accepted by the investors.

5 new coins by coin base

There was an announcement made by San Francisco-based Company on Friday that there would be an extraordinary work and effort needed for this addition in the coins of cryptocurrency exchange and this is not yet sure that whether these coins would be listed or not for trading. It was also said in the announcement that the functionality of the coins is different from each other, their features are various and it is also not decided whether the coins would get used as securities. It is also said that these coins will not be available to all the countries yet they will be available in some countries. After this announcement, all five coins started moving high.

Formerly, the trade for only four coins used to get conducted in the cryptocurrency industry, despite the users was demanding for more, but no more coins offered in the market. Kelly has explained the working of all five of the coins.  Kelly said that Cardano is same as ethereum. He noted that Cardanos had got an extensive working network and it could not get used as a security. Kelly also told that the Basic Attention Token had got unique features and it could be used by the users to pay for the web-based contents. OX called as Zero X is an exchange protocol and Stellar Lumen is the same as Ripple. Zcash is said to be a privacy token to use is for sending the stuff back and forward without anyone knowing about it. He noted that Zcash would be getting the approval very first. These announcements make the ratings of these coins very high.


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