£5,000 refunds has been announced for the ESA claimants by benefits errors trigger

It has been announced that almost ten thousand people are going to get sickness benefits with the average backdated payments of £5,000 by the government errors. It has been revealed by the department of pensions and works that it is paying about £1.5 bn because of the mistakes which have been made. Some of the people have got these payouts of more than about £10,000. According the statement of Employment and support allowance, when the people moved to the actual center sickness benefit, then there were mistakes in the calculations.

All those errors were at the first announced by the BBC news in November but now the underpayments schedule has been emerged. Phillip santon has received a check of payment £2,250 before all this scenario of backdated payments in July. He also told BBC news that nothing could be good for a person than to have this opportunity because he has been living on almost £73 per month and that is a lot of money for him. He also said that but what will happen if they don’t know about it or about anyone else who is there. He said that he had completely no idea about the working and even about if it is the right amount or not. Mr.nton is the person who has been receiving these sickness benefits for almost 10 years and he is the patient of depression and anxiety.

Other than this, he also has some back issues. He told BBC news that he informed about his payment being back to the year 2014. He said that some of his friends are also in the same situation while some of the other ones have got even more money than him and he said that he will make inquiry of it. He called him to be very grateful to get this money but he also said that he doesn’t tend to trust them in their dealings. He also told that he has asked about the total calculated payment and now he is waiting to get the response of his query. During the process a lot of people shifted from disability allowance and incapacity benefits onto ESA, because of a lot of calculations regarding thousands of people were wrongly done by the assessors. Almost all of the errors were occurred between the year 2011 and 2014.


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