facebook security breach 50m accounts hacked

Facebook security breach: Up to 50m accounts attacked

According to a statement given by Facebook, more than 50 million of the Facebook users had to face security issues as their accounts were left exposed. According to the statement of the company, the attackers got access to the accounts of these million users by using the feature of Facebook, “view as”. This feature helped them in gaining the control of a lot of Facebook accounts. This security threat to the facebook account happened on Tuesday and Facebook has immediately informed the police just after this incident. The users which were not affected to the high extent were advised to log in again to their accounts on Friday.

facebook security breach

Guy Rosen, the vice-president of product management of Facebook gave a statement and according to it the issue has been fixed and all the accounts whose privacy had been disturbed are settled and also for more 40 million users. They have done this as a precautionary step.

Share price of facebook after privacy breach

On Friday, Facebook noticed its share price to fall by 3 percent but Facebook has about two billion users who are active on a continuous basis. Facebook’s reporters also informed to the reporters that the hackers would also try to login to other Facebook accounts. Not only this, accounts linked with facebook accounts like Tinder and Airbnb can also be affected. The firm has not any complete statement that from which region of the world these 50 million users are but Facebook has informed the Irish data regulators.

Another thing which the company said was that the users who have faced this issue of security breach don’t need to change their passwords for login in again. According to the company, the investigation is still as start and it would be wrong to say anything before the prior results to the investigation are gathered.

Guy Rosen’s statement of 50m accounts privacy breach

It will take some time to access whether any information was accessed from these accounts or who is behind this issue. Guy Rosen said that we realize the importance of people’s security and privacy and we are sorry for this all what happened. According to the company’s statement and some proofs, it has been confirmed that among those 50 million affected users, the founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer was also included.



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