A 7 year old girl who was a Guatemalan had died last week and after some hours of her death she was taken by the border patrol custody. This incident was reported by the department of homeland security. It was first reported on Thursday that the little girl had died from dehydration and shock on El Paso, Texas. After her death, she was taken into custody by the border patrol when she was trying to cross the border with her father illegally.

The department of homeland security had given a statement regarding this in which they said that they are sad for the death of young girl and their condolences are with the family of young girl.  They further said that the border patrol agents have tried at their maximum level to save the young child’s life with all the possible ways but they were unable to save her and as mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, they do empathize to the loss of any child.

The girl was with her father and both were a part of group of migrants who were crossing the border in a remote area of New Mexico desert.

According to the report of news, they were there last Thursday and were crossing the border illegally. The child once after was taken into custody, started having seizures and she was then airlifted to the providence children’s hospital in El Paso. She at her initial stage had gone into a cardiac arrest and she was given the medications but the girl was unable to recover with help of the treatment and had died after 24 hours of getting the cardiac arrest.

A hospital spokeswoman, Monique Poessiger had given an interview in which she told that because of patient confidentiality, she isn’t allowed to provide any information regarding the young patient and she can’t also answer to the inquiries regarding the patient. Another DHS spokesperson had an interview and he told that there would be the conduct of an autopsy but it would take more days for the results.

The CBP’s office of professional responsibility has also launched an investigation so that they could make sure that all the policies which have been followed were truly appropriate. The spokesperson in the interview said that unluckily despite of all those efforts which they and the whole medical team had made for the child were unable to stop that tragedy to occur.

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