9 facts you should know about the border before Trump addresses the nation

Well there would be hardly any breakthrough in the sights and there are instances that the president trump is going to argue with his ongoing case this Tuesday regarding the US Mexico border which is right now requiring a wall that is invulnerable and long ad trump whereas is demanding that thing just before the partial government can shutdown.

It has been announced that on Tuesday evening, president trump is going to have a conversation with the American people about whatever the demands he have regarding the southern border walls and that is actually the reason for which he is liking demanding the shut off of the government.

On his talks with Public he is surely going to say something about the crises which are currently mounting over the Border and following are the basic 9 things which are going to be the part of the president’s speech that day and one thing here is that these are all which people are expecting him to say too. although after all that situations, Trump has actually been hyping his fears regarding the violence stemming in the US, in Mexico on the border like since the time he has started his presidential campaigns.

Back in the year 2015, trump started to paint a false and an ugly picture of the migrants who at that time were trying or wanted to cross the border by saying some things like those migrants are the ones who are bringing crime and drugs into US and those people actually are the rapists.

It has now been years for Trump to talk about these things in this way and he is doing still the same thing and as the justification of whatever he has been saying, he has now decided to shut off his government because no party like the republicans and nor democrats are going to put their investments on the border wall but still Trump is on the same view that this migration could lead the US to some major and main threats of serious nature.

The first thing which trump is going to mention is that now the migration or what we say in simple words, people who were crossing the border illegally are somehow less in number as compared to what they were just before 2017. Other than this, when it is about the border, people shouldn’t be migrating in the US because the counties near the border are considered to be the safest in the US.


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