Laayoune is the largest desert city in the Western Sahara in Morocco. This city is the capital of El Hamra region which is located in Morocco. Climate and weather condition of the Laayoune desert city is same as the other deserts in Western Sahara. This is a famous city for the travelers to visit. They can amuse themselves by performing different activities at the Laayoune desert. Some of the activities to do at the Laayoune desert are as follows.

Visiting the Grand Mosque

This is located the Centre of the Laayoune city. It is also known as the Moulay Abdul Aziz mosque. Minaret of the mosque is considered as the tallest building in the city. The pink color of the mosque is matched with the climate of the Laayoune desert. It represents the modern architecture of Morocco. It is the religious site for the Muslim community. It is located at the Boulevard Mecca.

Visiting Place El Mchawar

This is the place in Laayoune adjacent to the Grand Mosque. It represents the modern architecture consisting the tower and beautiful shades. This is the place to gather for the people with their friends and enjoy. They observe the place and enjoy get-together here. Visitors like to visit this place in the Laayoune.

Visiting Ensemble Artisanal

It is the place located at the opposite of the Grand Mosque and El Mchawar. This place represents the art of the culture. Crafts, artwork, and jewelry are sold here to the visitors. They buy these things as their memory to visit the Laayoune. Ensemble Artisanal are found in almost every city in Morocco. Visitors can buy Saharan Souvenir by visiting this place.

Spanish cathedral visiting

This is also a religious site in the Laayoune. It represents the architecture of both Spanish and Saharan architecture. This place was built in 1952 when there was Spanish colonial regime in the Western Sahara. This building shows the pink color of the Laayoune desert city.

Seguin El Hamra visiting

This place represents the nature to the visitors. It is situated in the northern part of the Sahara. This shows the beautiful view with the mixture of water and plants sceneries. It is the lake of the Laayoune also known as the Wadi. It is used to form dams for the water reservoirs.

Souk AZ Zaj

This is the place in the Laayoune city which represents the old culture of the desert. It represents the lifestyle of Sahrawi people. It is one of the interesting places to visit by the visitors.

Walking in the Suburbs

This place shows the old culture of the desert and also consist of the old buildings. You can walk here and meet with the local residents.

Place Dchira

This is the place with cafe, restaurants and food stalls. You can go here and enjoy the visit in the Laayoune. This provides you the modern culture with enjoyment stuff.


It is the place in the Laayoune which is suitable for the horse riding and racing. This is an oasis providing a culture of the desert.


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