A 12 Year Old Schoolboy Carried His Disabled Friend to Class For Six Years

Schoolboy, 12, has carried his disabled best friend to class every day for SIX years

There is a saying that anything could be possible only if you have a good supporting friend with you in your tough times. There in China, is a disabled boy who now has been able to go to class without having any problem for the past six years and that is because of his classmate and his bestfriend who daily helps him in piggybacking him.

Xu Bigyang is of age 12 and he carries him daily to school whatever the weather there may be. The boy is so kindhearted that he never forgets to help his friend in fetching his lunch and when he needs to attend different lessons in different classrooms.

The friendship among them is beautiful where the children belong to Meishan city in the China’s south west.

XU is stronger than Zhang and he is even taller too but he loves to become the walking stick of his friend.  XU said that it was never difficult or tough for him to lift Zhang for all the activities he has to do.  He said that his weight is about 88 pounds while Zhang has only the weight of 55 pounds so this has never been a problem for him to carry or to lift him. 

Similarly on the opposite side, Zhang is so thankful to his friend for being this much thankful throughout their friendship.  Zhang said that Xu is his best friend; he plays with him, studies with him and chats with him. He said that he always there for him whenever he is looking for some help.


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