A Baby with Umbilical Cord Found in The Middle of Road in California

Baby found in the middle of California road with umbilical cord still attached

Police now is in search of the woman who has intentionally left her new born baby in the middle of the road in a rural area in California where the temperatures are rigid nowadays.  The country’s sheriff’s office that is situated in central California gave a statement in which he said that the newspaper delivery person had found a newborn baby girl in the early morning that had been lying on the center of the roadway while the umbilical cord of her was still attached to her.

According to the statement given by the newspaper carrier, he had kept that baby girl with him on his vehicle so that the baby could be kept warm and be safe from the rigid temperature and at the moment he had find the girl, he called 911.

A press conference was held after the incident in which Tyson Pogue, Madera county Undersheriff said that this is very fortunate for everyone that the baby girl had been discovered by the newspaper carrier person and it is lucky for everyone that the baby girl was in safer hands before any severe damage could be happened to her because of the temperature or any other external issue.  Pogue in his statement said that the baby at the time when was found by the newspaper carrier had been wrapped in the blanket and she was wearing just a single piece of flannel pajama set and she immediately was shifted to the local condition and the doctors have confirmed her to be in a fine and a good condition.

According to the estimates that the authorities have made, the baby had been on the road for just some minutes when she was found by the newspaper boy. There was a witness on the scene that has seen the women dropping the baby at the spot just before some minutes it was found by the newspaper carrier. The witness said that the woman also before dropping the child on the road had begged him so that he can take the child from her but he forbade.



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