New black hole by NASA

There couldn’t be anything more mysterious than the black hole. In fact the black hole is a mystery which can’t be explored by anyone regardless of the level of efforts made by him.  Talking particularly about the real black holes, black holes are really worth exploring and they are also intriguing as hell. But no one completely have the idea that what actually a black hole is and how the things get sucked with it and what happens to those sucked things later on.

Since the start of time till now the key and the one thing the scientists are sure to know about is the gravitational force of the black hole that it is so stronger that even the light could not escape itself from the force of it. But now there is astonishing news that NASA has just seen something getting emerged from a black hole.

The new observations have been made by the NASA explorer missions swift and also by the NuSTAR, they noted a giant eruption of light which was directly been bursting from the core center of the superbig blackhole which is in the Pegasus constellation and it is about 324 million light years away from us. 

According the new findings which have just been reported, the coronas which actually are the source for the extreme energetic particles that are built up around the big black hole, can also suddenly get shouted away from the black hole which results in a beam of a light like X-ray.

Dan Wilkins from Canada University of Saint Mary in Halifax said that this is for the first time that they have been able to connect the flare with launching of coronas and that this would help to create a better understanding about how could the superbig black hole power its some brightest objects towards the universe. It has been researched by the studies that no light is released by the blackholes themselves.

Somehow they are seen with rings of light which surrounds them and that light is due to those light particles which are being drawn to them and also let them to build up. The coronas are not new to the scientists and they are common but the formation of these coronas is not yet cleared to the scientists. According to the report of NASA, coronas are supposed to be formed by a lamppost model and lamppost models are basically the sources of lights which are somehow similar to the light bulbs but they are compact and they remain on the above and below of the black hole and keep rotating around axis.


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