Air Canada accused of ‘lying’ to customers to avoid paying up to $2,100 for lost luggage

It has been said by the airline that they now approve reasonable expenses for interim. According to the statement of Scott Bissell, an Air Canada agent has told him that the airline wouldn’t now reimburse him for the toiletries and the other various necessities after the airline has lost its luggage when there was a family vacation to Florida.

Scott Bissell has said that the air Canada is now trying so that it could get away with paying the minimum amount of the possible compensation after the airline has lost its luggage on the Florida trip and initially he was been told that they won’t pay him back for any clothes or for any other necessities while he was waiting for his bag.

Under the federal law, when an airline somehow loses a passenger’s luggage on some international flight, the airline could be held responsible for the damages which are occurred above to $2100. But there is also the need of public investigation to be done and according to an investigation done, it has been came on view that the air Canada isn’t promising the same convenience to its customers.

Bissell is a member of the Vernon B.C. Canadian forces and he when landed in Orlando on 11th July, for a family vacation, his bag hadn’t found anywhere. When he asked the air Canada airline about the bag and claimed the agent for his lost bag so that the airline could reimburse his loss for the toiletries and clothing which he then needed to buy but that was opposite to his expectations because the airline said that there were no compensations available.

Bissell said that it was a complete no by the airline and he being in a hot city had nothing to wear except the clothes which he had been already wearing. Gobar Lukacs who is the advocate for airline’s passenger rights, said that the experience of Bissell is something common and he said that the passengers are knowingly kept in dark regarding the compensation when their luggage or something is lost or delayed.

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