Air Canada’s safety critical employees can no longer use cannabis

Air Canada changed its drug and alcohol policy recently and announced that the recreational use of cannabis is banned. The ban is implemented for the employees that are tagged as ‘safety critical’ and one is no longer permitted to use such items. Whether you are on duty or off the field, it does not matter. The ban will stay same in both conditions and if anyone uses it, he or she will face the consequences.

As a spokesperson gave a statement, it was said that the ban is implemented considering the safety of the customers and employees as it is the top priority of the airline. The act is to show keen interest and cautiousness of the airline regarding the safety of its passengers and workers. The step has been taken considering the recent understanding of the effect of the drugs, including what happens after taking it, seeing that it has potential to linger in human system.

Air Canada bans ‘safety-critical’ employees from cannabis use on and off duty – Courtesy CVT NEWS

Considering the policy the pilots, flight attendants, flight dispatchers, aircraft maintenance engineers, lead station attendants, and weight and balance agents, all come under the ban.

On the other hand, the employment lawyer, talking to CTV, told that it can raise a lot of questions regarding the privacy of an employee. For instance, if a person is on vacation and use these recreational drugs, there won’t be any effect on the work as he or she comes back a couple of weeks later.

Also, the WestJet and Porter Airlines are thinking of revising their drug policies before the legalization begins which is set to take effect since October 17, 2018.

Air Canada is the flag carrier for Canada and possess the largest fleet of any airline of Canada. It was founded back in 1937 and the airline serves to 207 destinations all over the globe, providing the passenger and cargo services. It originated from Canadian federal government’s 1936 TCA.

However, now, the airline runs under private command as it was privatized back in 1988 following the deregulation of Canadian airline market in 1980s. Air Canada had its biggest rival in the form of Canadian Airlines that emerged in early 2000. The airline filed for Bankruptcy protection in 2003 and emerged and reorganized the following year under ACE Aviation Holdings Inc. Marking its 80th anniversary in 2017, the company flew 48 million passengers!

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