Alvaro Morata

Alvaro Morata Admits He Considered Leaving Chelsea in the summer amid Struggles with Mental Health

Alvaro morata talks about his intentions to leave the club that he said that he had plans to leave the club last summer and that was so because it became tough for him to handle the pressure of playing from the side of Stamford Bridge. He now says that he is back to his normal condition and will continue to play because of the help of a psychologist. In this season, Morata has just scored five goals in eight stars and somehow he managed to pass 11 over the course for the matches held in last season which was actually a tough personal year for Spanish strikers.

He is a 26 years old guy who joined last summer from real Madrid. He had interview with the Spanish media where he was especially asked about his considerations for the future. He said that he had told his wife and his family that he has to take one or two steps back so that he’d be able to enjoy his love for football again.

Pressure on Alvaro Morata

He further added that he was under high pressure and in situations like that any football lover would stop playing as one can’t enjoy in such circumstances. He said that that was a moment where he had to realize about what would be the best for him to do and to follow that whether he wanted some help and listen to him or if he will keep the situations becoming worse than before. He said that this summer, he really had a talk with himself that he should try once going to a team where he would be happy above everything without having any sort of pressure. He said that his wife and daughter laughed on him and said that he was talking nonsense but sometimes things are only in your head and you need to do something for the sake of your happiness and enjoyment. He said that this thing was just a matter of his head and this was what controlling his body. With all the other struggles he had made, he had endured the death of one of his close friends last year and also his wife had to face a tough pregnancy period. He said that but with the help of a psychologist, he is getting back towards his normal condition. He further added that in life there come situations in which you have to train your mind. This isn’t something to get you physically prepared but to be mentally ready as well.



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