Blood test could detect Alzheimer’s up to 16 years before symptoms begin, study says

One thing has been recently revealed that a simple blood test could now help the people in predicting about whether there are chances for the patient to develop Alzheimer disease till after the 16 years from the day the test has been conducted. This test is simply conducted by checking the changes that have been occurred in the levels of proteins present in the blood which in biological terms are called as neurofilament light chain and according to the believes of the researchers, the rise of protein in the blood level could be the earliest sign and the chance for the disease to occur in the future.  The study was published on Monday. NFL is basically referred being the marker in human blood that actually acts as an indication of the nerve loss that has been happened in the brain so far.



The lead researcher, Mathias Jucker who is also the professor of cell biology of the neurological diseases at the German Neurodegenerative diseases center said that the more neurofilament if is present in the human blood, the more damage takes place in the brain.  Well despite of all this research, there is still no effective and complete treatment still discovered for Alzheimer but according to what Jucker thinks is, the new blood tests would surely be getting more importance especially in the clinical studies. According to what he had written in his report, he hopes that the tests will be going to allow the researchers that they could better monitor that how much the new treatments are effected before the people could start having the symptoms and this could be done by measuring the lower levels of proteins. According to the studies, Alzheimer disease starts developing its symptoms 20 years ago than it actually occurs.




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