Amazon Alexa may be better at selling you things, but Google is more likely to understand you, say ad industry insiders

Amazon Alexa and Google assistant are known to be the most popular voice assistants in the market. The bigger market share is possessed by amazon Alexa, Google has an upper hand for processing the natural language.

There have reported regarding Alexa losing the market share, since then the competition between the two companies has become more intense.

CNBC has been able to speak to five different as agencies that have worked on projects of both devices, creating the branded applications for both the companies voice experiences. The pros and cons of each device have been explained below.

Alexa’s case;

As explained earlier Alexa shares the biggest market share which means it has been able to reach more homes and workplaces. According to the E-marketers, Alexa has been used by almost two-thirds of the US smart speaker fans, whereas Google home is used by only 30% of the users.

  • The senior director of ‘The community’ which is the advertising agency for innovation, said that Amazon desire Alexa to operate in as many devices as it possibly can rather than just operating in its own devices, he said that doing so all the Alexa devices created by Amazon can gain back the market share they are losing otherwise.
  • Market penetration is the biggest strength of Alexa which they are achieving through getting Alexa into different devices.

The case of google assistant

Processing the languages in a better manner, according to Neff in order to become genuine voice assistants Alexa and google assistant must work on language processing. They should be able to find the difference in tones of how individuals speak, from where they are talking from and what the individuals would prefer according to their history from past.  For example, the assistants must be able to find that person Neff is from Miami and based on his past history it can find that he likes to eat Hispanic food.

Alexa has a better advantage in e-commerce and Google is good at processing the natural languages with the help of Google’s history from a search engine. It has an advantage in understanding how individuals talk and then finding the correct response for them.

Dentsu digital agency 360i has conducted a research and based on that google assistant has an advantage in understanding how individuals speak. The research was conducted with 16000 questions from different backgrounds like retail, travel, finance and automotive, both the devices were part of the research. And it was concluded that google assistant was 5* likely to give a correct answer than Alexa.

Voice innovation will be more progressed in the long run as the result of this competition. Mindshare’s Maceda said that as much as the consumer is concerned both of these devices have been able to provide a better consumer experience. The competition between the two devices, from the viewpoint of the consumer, will improve the performance, which is a good news for the advertisers in the long run.



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