Amazon Workers May Listen Everything You Tell To Alexa

Amazon Workers Are Listening to What You Tell Alexa

Millions of users of people are there who use their voices and speakers to get connected with the software and this is how they play games, find trawls and music etc. millions of the people are out there who are reluctant for inviting the devices and their microphones as well in their homes for their concerns for listening that. Sometimes there is someone doing that.

Amazon has thousands of people employed with it who are around the world and they are working for improvement of the Alexa digital assistant that is to power the line of its whole echo speakers.

The team works in listening to the owners offices and homes echo and the voice recordings at that time are annotated, transcribed and they are then fed back to the software by making it a part of the effort which is there for the elimination of the gaps in the understanding of Alexa for the human speech and it also helps it in giving responses to the commands.

Seven people who have worked with the Alexa programs have given their descriptions for the voice review process of Alexa and it highlighted the overlooked human role in the algorithms for the training software.

In Amazon’s marketing materials, it says that Alexa lives in the clouds and it is getting smarter always. This like many other software tools which is built for learning from the experiences which the humans are doing the same for the teaching.  The team actually comprises of the mix of the employees of the Amazon and also its contractors who have worked in the outposts ranging from Bostion to Rica and from the India to Romania for the people who have signed for the agreement related to the program barring from speaking publically regarding that.


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