Andrew Gillum

Andrew Gillum had an awesome victory this Tuesday. He is a democrat and he had full support from youth and African Americans. It was his primary victory. It is first time in the Florida’s history that a black American has got the opportunity to be the governor. Out of total 94 percent of votes he had the lead of 3 percentages from his rival Gwen Graham. This was the greatest election with highest turnover in the history of Florida. Gillum when a talk to the crowd of his supporters had said that he was overwhelmed.

The victory party was thrown in Hotel Duval in Tallahassee. In his address to the supporters, Gillum said that he wants his supporters to know that this victory is not only related to him but it is for everyone of them. He said that race is not of a single person, it’s about the whole gathering, of everyone who were present in the party hall and also those who were outside that hall and also for those who didn’t for me but they wanted to.

He said that he will be the governor of everyone in this state. Gillum has left his rivals behind and now he is completely devoted to the progressives. Most of the population is with him and he also had a well received message of social equality and justice and also a request to the growing diversity of Florida.

According to the local news which has just came out, Graham who was the rival of Gillum in elections, congratulated him on his success and she left a message for him which said Andrew to go out and win the ill-fated thing. She said that now we should put everything behind and have to do everything to make him win the election on Nov 6th. Another former candidate for the elections, Bernie Sanders who provided a great support in the elections especially in the final days of campaign talked about Gillum. He said that Gillum would be a great political revolution in Florida. This victory really matters a lot for the people of Florida and is a striking change. It is also a contrast in style for the opponent Ron DeSantis who has the strong support of US president Donald Trump. Most of the times Gillum said that he is the only one in the elections who is a non millionaire and is different in caste and race from the others.



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