Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway who is the A-lister of Hollywood has accused the President Donald Trump that he had used a lethal force at the southern border of the US by claiming that he is using the U.S border and customs protection agents for the children who are the members of the caravan and are migrating as the caravan members have rushed to the San Diego entry port.

A post was shared by Anne Hathaway on 26th of November stating that her country has got gassed children and there are no words that could actually explain her horror. She stated that for those people who immediately speak about something of being right or wrong is a right way and those who blamed their parents that they have put their children in such situation or to those who say that they were actually storming the wall and they were there to throw the rocks. That is actually how a human could respond to the huge forces that are being used against them on the name of legal system for the children who are searching for a shelter.

This is something really needs to be condemned for rage and shame.  She actually a devil wear Prada star who then turned her attention towards the voters of Mr. Trump to ask that if they still support the policies which Donald Trump has made against the immigrants. She asked them that whether they still do believe in voting for such a man like Trump who has recommended for such lethal forces for the families who are seeking persecution..

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