Another 26 Feet Long Whale's Death in Italy Due To Plastic Waste

Another Dead Whale Full of Plastic. This Time, in Italy.

There is another whale carcass that has been washed up with its stomach having full of the plastic. This is the time when another pregnant whale has been found with the weight of 49 lbs which approximately makes 22 kgs of the plastic which was found in her stomach.  She has been washed up at a beach in porto cervo that is basically one of the famous tourists destinations in Italy, Sardinia.

The president of the SEAME Sardinia, Luca Bittau and this organization basically is a not for profit organization that is aimed to provide the protection to the cetaceans in Mediterranean which is through the education and the research. This has been told to the reporters by Luca Bittau that the stomach of the beached mammal was containing the lines, fishing nets and the plastic bags which accompanied some other objects as well which were basically so much decomposed that they hardly could be identified. 

Well this isn’t everything which was found inside that mammal yet she was pregnant and almost by the time she had been beached, she got her abortion because of the fetus in her body which has been in its advanced stages of the decomposition.  The species which basically was found death there was of Sperm whales that is Physeter Microcephalus which is currently the only species of this genus and they have been the largest species as well being the toothed whales.  The whale which was found to be washed up in Italy was about 26 feet long.




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