It seems like there is some mysterious force which is there for keeping the stocks from keeping more to the trillion-dollar market cap. Just the three month after that, history was made by Apple and it became the biggest U.S stock in the history by having the closing stock of $1 trillion that is the figure of Monday. On 2nd August, about $1 trillion had been surpassed by Apple and since August 2 it is been rising. Nasdaq gave some statistics and according to that, Apple has almost 4.83 of its outstanding shares and the stock of Apple that was closed on Monday was at $201.59 per share and the price which was its official price in the last week, is more than 2.9 percent of it.

Statistics about Apple’s Market Value

These statistics are even low for Apple to have the net revenue of $974.5 billion. This year, just recently, history has been made by Apple in being the second company at the global level which has attained the market value of $1 trillion. Apple was also joined by Amazon in the elite club but its value is not the same as it was used to before. It has lost about 20 percent of its pre-existing market value.

Apples 1 trillion market value

Amazon & Apple’s Value in Market

On 4th September, the market value of Amazon also rose up to almost %1 trillion but suddenly in no time and that following day it had a drop back. Since that time, Amazon has been falling in part of the concern for the holiday season of the year. Petrochina is regarded as the 1st global member in the trillion-dollar club and it has been on the level in the market at the first day of trading after the IPO of 2007 was launched.

But that was coincided with the market bubble of Chinese Stock and in the upcoming 10 years, PetroChina is expected to lose almost $800 billion market value of it. When the company had given a warning to the investors that the holiday sales could be a cause of lower Wall Street forecasts and from that time the Apple’s stock started having a decline. In the present quarter, it has been stated by Apple that it would have the revenues within the range of $89 billion and $93 billion. The revenues which have been forecasted by Apple are approximately $93 billion.


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