Aretha Franklin death

The Queen of Soul, 76, is reportedly down to 86 pounds due to her battle with cancer

Update: Arethra Franklin’s DEATH (16 August) 

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Arethra Franklin is severely ill and is crowded with friends and family at the moment. They want to be with her for the final goodbye.

The 76 years old, known as The Queen of Soul has lost about 86 pounds due to her battle with cancer.

An old friend of the singer said that he was informed about a week ago to prepare himself for the final goodbye to the friend and songstress.

He also said that Arethra Franklin’s family and friends were told that she could leave them at any moment now.

Also a source told TMZ that Arethra Franklin has been fighting cancer, but friends and family aren’t willing of disclosing which cancer she is diagnosed with.

Cendia Franklin, who is Aretha’s sister-in-law, also said that the poor soul legend is fighting for her life and that the experience is ‘not looking good’.

‘She’s very ill,’ Cendia told Radar on Monday. ‘She has been under the weather for months. A lot of her family is around her, supporting her.’

Cendia said that the family is unaware of if she will recover or not. Saying,’We just never know,’ she added.

What Her Close Friend Abdul Fakir Says About Her

A very close friend named Abdul ‘Duke’ Fakir who is the only survivor among the original member of the Four Tops, said she was talking of the future almost a week ago. They have been friends for decades now.

They had a conversation on the phone after Arethra Franklin stopped by his house at Detroit when he wasn’t at home.

‘She was telling me she rides around the city every now and then – she talks about how beautiful it is again,’ Fakir reported the Associated Press.

‘We were reminiscing about how blessed we were – only a couple two of us are around from that era. We were just kind of reminiscing about the good times we had.’

Fakir who very adorably calls Aretha ‘baby sis’, said she spoke of a ‘great, big special’ that she wanted to have in New York ‘with all her great friends performing’.

‘It made me feel good as well – she was still hoping and wishing and dreaming as we do in this business,’ he added.

Arethra Franklin after successfully performing her 42nd album also revealed that her performance on August 2017 would be her last one.

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