Asia Bibi Case

Asia Bibi case; why was she accused of blasphemy?

Asia Bibi is regarded as the first person who was sentenced to death for a blasphemy charge. She is a Christian but the death sentence on her has been annulled by the supreme court because they were unable to find any proves against her. Asia Bibi in the year 2010 was accused for insulting the Prophet Muhammad and them she was convicted and she had been in confinement for past eight years. Saquib Nisar who is the chief justice announced her verdict saying that Asia Bibi could now be free from jail as because she had not been found in connection with any other cases within past eight years. It has been quoted by the AFP news stated that they heard Miss Bibi talking on phone and she sounded to be really amazed as she couldn’t believe that she is now going to get freedom after a long wait.

Pakistan’s society: conservatives and liberals

Due to her case, Pakistan’s society has now been split into conservatives and liberals. There were harsh protests in cities of Pakistan due to this decision made by court and there was an increased presence of the police in the streets of Multan, Lahore, Peshawar and Karachi just because the protests of the supporters of blasphemy laws. Also the blasphemy laws of Pakistan have evoked great criticism for Christian groups and the human rights. Asia Bibi got convicted in the year 2010 and she is a 47-year-old lady who has five children and she basically belongs to Punjab Province. She is in adiala jail Rawalpindi and she is supposed to be there until the police gets the official orders issues by the court. Her husband spoke on her arrest saying that she is spiritually strong and that she would never convert to Islam just for the sake of her freedom and she could also die for Christ.  Asia Bibi and the former governor Salman Taseer both were sentenced to death after they were found at guilty for insulting Prophet Muhammad.  Asia Bibi at that time was working in a row with other Muslim farm workers where they refused to drink from the bucket of water she touched saying that she was a non-Muslim. They asked her to convert to Islam if she wanted to drink the water and when she refused with mob, that was later on alleged that she had insulted the Prophet Muhammad.



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