Donald Trump on the Michael Cohen Tape

USA. 27th. July, 2018: Michael Cohen, the former lawyer and fixer of Donald Trump got raided by the federal agents earlier this year. The federal agents raided his house, his office, and his room in the hotel. This could be really bad news for President Donald Trump.  Also, here raise an important question that what does the former lawyer and fixer of the President knows about him that can make lead to a serious legal or political trouble for the President of America?

An audiotape recording of September 2016, in which Michael Cohen is speaking with President Trump has been released lately. This audiotape was about the National Enquirer’s potential payoffs. In addition to that, it was about the story and the questions that have been raised on the Karen McDougal, who was the former playboy of the Donald Trump during the years 2006 and 2007. Although this audio recording did not answer all the questions, it shows that Michael Cohen became a big nuisance for President Trump.

In this recording, there is evidence that Donald Trump knew about the behaviour and dealings of Enquirer with the Playboy model Karen McDougal which he denied that he knew right before the election in his campaign. This may be considered as a violation of the campaign finance law by the executives of the Trump Organization.

It is a controversial topic for debate by the most loved lawyers by media Rudy Giuliani and Lanny Davis that Trump has said to Cohen in the audio recording that pay with cash or he might have said that do not pay with cash.

Cohen replied to Trump, “all the stuff?.” This is being debated that Trump’s style of saying pay with cash shows that he tries to hide some proposed payment. Davis, Bill Clinton’s defence lawyer told this to CNN on Monday night, and he was the one who gave the audio recording to the channel).

This can’t be good news for President Donald Trump, as it is being said that there was a discussion about the proposed payment to the A.M.I and Weisselberg in the September 2016. Also, the former lawyer Cohen did not contradict that what the executives of the Trump Organization knew about this payment to the Daniels. This tape is a shock, and it may drag the Trump Organization and Weisselberg. Cohen could provide the potential and much more harmful information to the prosecutors which can be the real risk for President Trump.

Donald Trump on the Michael Cohen Tape

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