Now there is an increasing mounting pressure over the world so that it could grapple with the plastic addiction of it. The oceans and landfills seems to be like chocking with the plastic wastes especially of those which have been made from the crude oil and that could have taken centuries or even so long to get decomposed.

Though there are new evidences which suggest that there are now small changes in the plastic policy which could now make new big changes in the aggregate.

About three months ago from now, there’re two largest supermarkets which have banned the plastic bags due to which there was the reduction of almost 80 percent in the overall use of plastic bags in country.

In past summer, there was a public outcry in Australia where the retailers Woolworths and coles were pledged so that they could ban the plastic bags.

In start these things were regarded to be tough when that move was blamed as a reason of falling sales. This blame was made by Woolworth. The rule was also briefly reversed by Coles before a small fee was settled for plastic bags which could have really helped for the reduction of use of the plastic bags.

But after the few months of that move, there was a statement made by the national retail association of Australia that there has been a significant environmental difference after the shopping bag prohibition had been made. It has also been estimated by the group that more than 1.5 billion shopping bags have been kept away from the environment after that move was made. In October, the European union also voted for the decision to ban the use of plastic bags till the year 2021 while still there was a need that the member states approve the law.


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