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After the match of the famous tennis player Serena Williams at the US open, there was some trolling about the match. The tennis player lost the game to Naomi Osaka. She was angry and it was clearly observed by her behavior after losing the game.

An Australian cartoonist named Mark Knight also shared a comic picture of the player in the newspaper and people started judging it by saying that the motive of the cartoonist behind this picture of Serena Williams was purely about sexism and racism. Many people were pointing out about this problem and posted that the cartoonist did a racist and sexist act.

While on the other hand, to answer the criticism, the cartoonist said in his twitter post that the picture was not depicting anything like sexism or racism. It was just about the poor behavior of the tennis player after losing the match. She was angry and she did things that showed her furious behavior rather than accepting the defeat that she has lost the match.

An Australian cartoonist has defended his depiction of Serena Williams at the US Open, after the image went viral and was criticised as racist and sexist. Says BBC

In the newspaper picture, there is a cartoon of Serena Williams who is jumping on a broken racquet. She is angry after losing the match from Naomi Osaka. Upon such behavior of the tennis player who has just lost the game, the umpire is asking the other player (Naomi Osaka) that can she just let Serena Williams win the game.

There was some humor in the picture where umpire is asking about letting her win the game. But at the same time many people believed that the cartoon of thee tennis player was showing a big fat black woman which is truly a depiction of racism and sexism.

On Monday, the picture was shared in the most read newspaper of Australia which is named as Herald Sun. many people have seen the picture in the newspaper and shared their views about the racist and sexist thinking. But the claim of the critics was strongly denied by the editor of the newspaper as well as by the cartoonist, Knight. They said that the picture is just showing the poor behavior of the tennis player as she was very angry on her defeat. She aggressively did things that made us make the trolling picture of the tennis player with some humor. It was nothing about sexism and racism.

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