Australian war widow Daphne Dunne Dies After 99th Birthday Leaving Harry and Meghan Deeply saddened

‘Deeply saddened’ Harry and Meghan will write to family of Australian war widow Daphne Dunne who cuddled prince during Royal visits after she died just days after getting a 99th birthday card from them

Daphne dunne who actually is the Australian war widow, has won the heart of Prince Harry while he was having his royal visit in the down under who had died after 99 days since Harry and Meghan Markle gave her a birthday card.

Last Friday it was revealed by Ms Dunne’s daughter, Michelle Haywood that she had been suffering from pneumonia which wasn’t immediate yet it was the long bout of the disease which the royals had helped her in her tough times.

She had passed away in the Sydney Adventist Hospital on last Monday yet it was just three days passed by her birthday when she had received a birthday card from Prince Harry.

At the time of her death, she had Ms Haywood and also one of her granddaughters with her.  Ms Haywood when talked about her said that she had struggled a lot in her life at the maximum level on which one could but this was just too much for her to take. She said that they are sad on her death and they always wanted her to live longer. 

Price harry before the death of the lady had been spotted a replica cross Victoria to Mrs Dune’s chest in the opera house in Sydney after he had completed his deployment along with Australian defence force back in the year 2015.  They again met in the year 2017 while a rainy games event was being launched and after that during the royal couples visit, Harry introduced his wife Meghan Markle to Ms Dunne.


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