The Baltimore officer inhumane arrest of mentally disabled 13 year old went under investigation as the video go viral

The police department of Baltimore has investigated a viral video showing an angry officer manhandling a mentally disabled 13-year-old boy.

Deontay the victim told that he was looking for his cat with his sister in the neighbor’s yard when they called the cops as they would have thought that some burglars have entered their yard and were committing a burglary.

The scene was escalated when the video showing the action of the police with the disabled child gone viral, though the scene just started as an ordinary misunderstanding but numerous videos were being shared showing the police officer manhandling the child aggravated the whole scenario.

Communication on the scene

One video captured from the people on the scene shows how the officer ask the boy to sit on crouch position, and another clip has been found where a police officer gets physical with the boy. The mother of the boy is can be seen constantly trying to interfere during the hectic incident.

The officer in the video tells the boy and his sister to get on the ground, and in response the mother refuses to make their children do so, she tells the officer that the boy is only thirteen years old and the girl is eleven, on saying so the officer grabbed the boy and fastened his arm and hit the child down, and also tried to put handcuffs on his hands, and then he began to close fist his sons arm.

The video clips

Another awful video clip can be seen in which the police officer is trying to angrily push the boy into the police car.

While doing so, the officer shouts that he is going to put the child in the hospital and if he gets to see the boy again he will beat him to pain.

Another officer was present on the scene who instantly calls the ambulance to get the boy’s injuries treated.

The spokesperson from the police department says that the incident is under investigation.

the spokesperson told that the case is under review by the office of professional responsibility and the report will include the videos shared by the civilians on social media, as well as the clips from the police officer’s cameras worn to their bodies, and those videos are expected to show a more clear version of the whole incident.

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