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Barry Chuckle, half of the comedy duo the Chuckle Brothers, has died aged 73.

Barry from Chuckle Brothers dies at the age of 73
Barry Chuckle died after a short time of illness at the age of 73 years. He was one of the main stars of Chuckle Brothers duo.
The well-known entertainer Barry Chuckle was the main star of ChuckleVision along with his brother Paul on the famous TV network BBC for 23 years starting from 1987 and ended in 2009. Barry Chuckle whose original name was Barry Elliott died at the age of 73 due to some illness and left the fans in grief.
Upon his death, the brother of the star Paul said he has not only lost his brother but a co-worker star of all those endless years full of memories and a very best friend.
Barry and his brother were famous for their humour and comedy. After the death of this legend star, they have paid their tribute to him in their Twitter post. They have paid the tribute for making the audience laugh for all those years. They thanked him for all the laughter Barry along with his other Chuckle Brother.
Earlier this year, both brothers started a program on Channel 5 by the name of Chuckle Time and their on-screen reunion made the audience excited about the comedy show. Although it was a small screen show, people were following it, and they were happy to see this duo again on the screen.
At the end of filming this Chuckle Time TV show shooting, Barry got some illness, and he started feeling unwell. His doctors asked him to take rest for a while, and his summer work was postponed. No longer after that his health condition deteriorated.
The manager of Chuckle Time Phil Dale said that this show was started with the aim to recall the memories of ChuckleVision. Their fans were waiting to see that stuff again and enjoy the humour they brought in the legendary TV show.
He further said with sadness that their family announced the death of Barry, that he left the world peacefully in his home among his family members and wife Ann.
He added that his family would like to thank the people for their condolences and the tributes they have paid to Barry. They consider the loss is for all the fans of Chuckle Brothers and they are with them in this challenging time.
He said that Barry Chuckle left the world with a legacy of 50 years of laughter and joyful tears of the audience which would be of great importance for anyone.

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