Bear nursed

A bear cub that in 2014 was rescued from the Washington state wildfire has now been shot and killed by a hunter. At that time, the Washington department of wildlife and fish officials had been set out so that they could find out for the den of the animal who has been nicknamed as the cinder the black bear in September as because the radio transmitting collar of her had stopped working.

The team without knowing the reason first hoped that her collar had stopped transmitting because it might has been holed up for the winter. Instead the team found her remains close to a place where she was freed back in the year 2015 and there the hunter had shot her and also cut her collar.

Till February, 2017 the cinder had been alive for sure because he had been seen healthy and alive by the researchers when the researchers had a check on her in the cascade mountains in the den high. Originally she had been found under a horse trailer when there was a wildfire in the northcentral washington’s state in the year 2014 in july in Methow Valley. The blaze at that time had been the reason of the destruction of almost 300 houses which is exactly the largest fire record ever been made in the state’s history.

At the time of that wildfire, cinder was left safe with third degree burns on her all paws and she was so scorched that she was found to be walking on her elbows. At that time she just weighted 37 pounds and later on she was discovered in the yard of a house after the fire swept has been passed. As she was rescued, she started getting global attention as she was healed in the centers in Idaho and California. There she managed to double her weight in just months.

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