Bernie Sanders

Lifestyles of the rich and socialist: Bernie Sanders has 3 houses, makes millions

Sen Bernie Sanders had entered the presidential race of the 2020 this week which by promising to the transformation America with the left wing vision of the environmental and economic justice but the self-described democratic high-end income of the socialists, fondness for the air travel and multiple houses already ahd been opened up for the criticism of his lifestyle not always being so rhetoric. Sanders also had pitched him being the grassroots of the economic populist which is focusing over on the inequality of the income and for the higher rates of taxes to be imposed on the rich.

He said that their campaign as a whole is about making transformation to the country and the creation of a government that is based upon the economic, social, environmental and racial justice. He added that together everyone and their 2016 campaign could start the political revolution and now this is the time for them to complete the revolution and make implementations to the visions for which they have been fighting for so long.

Sanders at that moment had raised her eyebrows over his personal wealth and spending and notably according to the reports, he owns three houses while in the year 2016, he had bought a four bedroom lake fronted home in his home state of about $575,000. This is simply an addition to all the other houses which he owns like the one in Washington DC as well as the one in Vermont.  A report stated that Bern is going to keep his home in Burlington and will use the new camp of his for the seasonal occasions.



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