Juliana Gomez Best birthday wishes

Lucy Torres Gave Juliana Gomez A Letter She Wrote In 2002 For Her 18th Birthday

On 8th September there was a birthday party of Juliana Gomez, the famous kid of the famous celebrity couple, the couple of mom Lucy Torres Gomez and dad Richard Gomez. As she celebrated her 18th birthday she was happy to receive a letter from her mother that was written 16 years before for her 18th birthday. This was the precious gift from the mom Lucy Gomez for the daughter’s 18th birthday for which she waited for more than 16 years and gave the letter to her on her 18th birthday.

Juliana Gomez Birthday Wishes

The birthday girl had a disco themed party where they celebrated the birthday party of Juliana Gomez with friends and family. Everything was special but most special thing was the letter from Lucy Gomez for her daughter’s 18th birthday for which she waited for 16 years which means that the girl was only two when her mother wrote her a letter for her eighteenth birthday.

The letter was about the prediction of the mother about her daughter’s better future in the matter of love and other important decision. She wished for her a better future and advised her to be her best friend and share her matters with mother. She also assured the daughter that she will help her daughter if she loved someone at that time. She also made her realize that it is important for you to know whether your partner is the one or not and she should not hasten in such decisions. She also advised her to be a friend of God and trust him in every matter of life. She said that you do not have to be scared of your father; she herself will handle him for her precious daughter. She gave love and support her daughter in the letter which she written on 10th September 2002.

Picture of the letter

The picture of the letter was shared by the exited daughter through her Twitter account. The daughter was extremely overwhelmed with the sweet wishes that her mother gave to her on her special day. Daddy Richard Gomez also shared a post for her daughter’s birthday and wished her in a sweet way. On his Instagram account, he posted a sweet message for her daughter to wish her the special day. In his post, he said to her daughter that the daddy’s little girl was the best thing that has happened in his life after her mom. He said that his daughter was a constant source of joy for him.

But this time mom has won in wishing a sweet birthday for her daughter than dad.

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