It is very interesting and a real joy for the audience to know more about the sportsmen when they reflect some slice of their personalities while competing with the rivals in the field.

Sports people tend to be super nice these days to make themselves accepted by the fans. They are followed by a huge audience, and they do not want to give them a chance to hate them or dislike them due to any mishap or any objectionable conduct.

For instance, our Olympians are the nicest people among them, and they are clean cut. They do not drink, and they have dedicated their lives in the name of sports. They are always focused and determined for the success in the upcoming tournament.

Similarly, the football teams especially the players are trained to deal with the media and portray themselves as nice people who are aimed to support other members of the team at any time. They are trained for the press conferences to present themselves as sensible and nice people who care for others and are determined to win the game for their beloved country.

In short, there is a lot of fun in the games that have been eliminated from the sports world by training the sportsmen about the code of conducts they have to follow to look acceptable over the media and liked by the audience.

However, if you get a chance to attend the Indonesian motorbike racing tournament, you will come to know that there is still a game which has all the spices of competition and karma revenge. This revenge practice is so ancient, and it has been followed ever since.

The story is about such a motorbike race in Bondowoso Indonesia. A short track race of motorcycle tournament was happening when a racer named Dimas intentionally bumped into another biker Hasan. He was thrown on the ground near the fence but to take his revenge. He carried a sandbag and his helmet marching towards the centre of the track where Dimas was going to cross for the other lap. Upon reaching close to Hasan and knowing about his intentions, Dimas tried to evade from his range, but somehow Hasan managed to slip the sandbag under the front wheel of Dimas which threw him off his bike near the same fence. Crowed applauded over this sudden revenge and they were all excited to watch this side of their personality.  On the other hand, both of the participants were declared disqualified from the tournament.

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