Billy Connolly

Sir Billy Connolly is a Scottish comedian and legend who has been making people laugh for so many years. He has done great services in the entertainment industry but recently, for the past few years, he has been fighting with the Parkinson’s disease.

Sir Michael Parkinson, who is a TV presenter and a long-time friend of Sir Billy Connolly, says that he is having a hard time in recognizing close friends. The disease is now damaging the brain to a good extent, so much so that the old friends are now no longer being recognized.

Speaking of his old time friend, Sir Michael Parkinson states that the sadness of Billy is that his brain was an amazing one that dulled due to the disease.

They met recently as Billy is now living in America and Parkinson said that he was sad as he presented the prize to him at the ceremony. They both had a dinner together which was very awkward as Billy was not giving the reactions of a close friend. However, they both walked out of the presentation together and had the pictures taken where Billy put his hands on Parkinson’s shoulders.

Parkinson further added that Connolly wasn’t sure about the dinner and what it was all about, and when you know someone for so long and loved him, seeing him like this is awful. He was a genius and the best thing that he came across as his show.

Connolly announced on media in 2013 about his disease and he was looking up to create awareness of the condition. He also talked about difficulties of living with it stating that its nerve racking and you worry about tripping or making rude noises.

Connolly got his fame from his appearance in the Parkinson’s show in 1975 and appeared for 15 times over 31 series that went on air.

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