Critically Endangered Black Rhino Gives Birth To Calf

At Chester Zoo, a black rhino gives birth to a calf in front of a number of tourists who were visiting the zoo and saw the rhino in this critically endangered situation.

The black rhino named Malindi gave birth to a healthy baby rhino in Chester zoo after carrying it in her for 15 months of pregnancy duration. Sadly, the number of the black rhinos in the wild is getting decreased every other day because they are being hunted by the poachers to get their horns. There are almost 650 living black rhinos in the wild, and the number is depreciating. The hunters are killing the black rhinos as they sell their precious horns for a very handsome amount. But to know about the birth of a healthy baby rhino is a relief.

This was a rare moment for everyone that Malindi gave birth to a healthy baby rhino in the zoo in front of so many people as they generally give birth to their babies in the dark. Though, Malindi gave the tourists a front row seat in the animal park where they witnessed such a natural but rare occurrence.

It took Malindi about 30 minutes to deliver her baby, which is a male baby rhino calf. Care has been taken by the zoo administration for both baby and the mummy rhino, and they have said that the mum and her baby are perfectly fine and healthy. The Chester zoo administration took to Twitter to break the good news about this family addition in their zoo.

15 minutes after the delivery of the baby rhino, he was up and started walking around exploring the world. Also, he started feeding on the milk of his 12-year-old mother rhino.

The curator of mammals in Chester zoo, Tim Rowlands said that it was a surprise for the visitor when Malindi, an eastern black rhino got into the labour right in front of them.

Knowing that there are only 650 eastern black rhinos in the wild and watching one giving birth to a healthy baby rhino was indeed a special moment for the visitors as well as for the Zoo staff. It was a vision of pure happiness that the baby rhino was all healthy and took no time to be bonded with his mother.

This species of black rhinos is indeed magnificent and we hope with the birth of this calf attention will be given to save this species from extinction.

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